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SOS Ranch comes from third generation Sharpings, living and working the original homestead in Pukwana South Dakota.  Along with a commercial cattle operation SOS raises Miniature Cattle, Miniature Donkeys, Miniature Horses along with a variety of Exotics.

A gamble on some longhorn cattle lead into Camels, Zebra, Cougars, Wildebeest, Eland, Exotic Deer, Buffalo and other exotic animals.

Starting in February 1966 the Sharping family held an Antique/Exotic Animal Auction.  The auction has been held the last full week in February every year since, come rain or shine, making it one the oldest in nation.  The Heritage Sale is still going strong and growing every year!















Our watch dog may have been a little non-typical but little did traveling salesman know they had less to worry about from the Cougar on the roof verses the crabby old blue heeler in the porch!